Do well on a business class exam by studying smarter, not harder. Cramming for an exam doesn't help you in the long run. If you study everyday, you could simply read through your notes and do better than someone that crams the week before. Concepts come to you better this way. Read on to learn how to study for a business class exam.

Purchase your business subject books as soon as possible before the course. Read all of them cover to cover. Attend the first day of class ready to take notes. Receive an introduction, and the syllabus outlining what chapters will be covered throughout the course.

Go home and review your notes, review all your notes everyday until you take your midterm. Read the chapters scheduled for your next day in class. Many business courses, like accounting, have exercises. Do these exercises. Do them days before the instructor talks about their chapters.

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Attend the next class, take notes. Ask questions as soon as they pop into your mind. Don't delay as you are responsible for making sure that you have everything you need to do well in the exam. Don't blame the professor if you fail to ask to clarify an issue and that issue ends up as a test question.

Continue studying your notes daily. Do this to keep reinforcing key information. Know how to do the exercises in your book cold. Look through the business book's learning objectives to guide your studies. Many professors use test banks provided by the same company that made your textbook. These test questions are based on the learning objectives; use this fact when placing highlights in your business subject book.

Repeat this cycle until you get to the last class before the exam. After this day, continue reading all your notes on a daily basis. Go back through your business textbook and redo the exercises.


  • Take a shorthand class so that you write down more of the teacher's lecture than you can with longhand.
  • Read through all the questions and answers before taking the exam. Let your subconscious mind work on the solution before you answer the first question.

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