Between 2005 and 2010, Excelsior College was twice named to the National League for Nursing’s Centers of Excellence in Nursing Education. Degrees offered by this institution are accepted by 37 states. However, some states require further education or experience. The nursing student may consider these additional requirements before deciding to attend Excelsior College.

Case by Case in Alabama and California

Alabama and California evaluate graduates of Excelsior on a case-by-case basis.

The Board of Nursing in Alabama indicates that graduates with significant hours of RN experience may apply for endorsement by the Alabama State Board, but each candidate will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

California stipulates that Excelsior ADN graduates who enrolled on or after December 6, 2003, may apply for endorsement, but they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Outside Experience in Florida and Vermont

Florida and Vermont will endorse a nursing graduate of Excelsior as long as he has completed nursing work outside of the state.

Florida requires any candidate who was not an LPN at the time of admission to have 2 years of RN experience outside of the state of Florida if they want to endorse in to Florida.

Vermont requires that nursing graduates of Excelsior take their state boards outside of the state of Vermont and work 480 clinical hours before they can endorse in to Vermont.

States Requiring Experience

The majority of states that do not accept the degree outright require an Excelsior graduate to accrue additional hours working in her designated field before the Board of Nursing will accept her degree and present her with her license.

Arizona requires 120 hours of precepted experience, arranged by Excelsior College, for licensure. Excelsior graduates may also endorse in to Arizona with 960 RN hours.

Colorado requires 750 additional clinical hours for those who complete the Associate degree and are not LPNs. For those who complete an Associate degree and are LPNs, the requirement is 350 clinical hours.

Illinois requires graduates to endorse in with 2 years of RN experience.

Kansas requires graduates to check with the Kansas Board of Nursing to ascertain the number of additional hours needed.

Kentucky requires that all graduates of all nursing schools (Excelsior included) do a 120-hour preceptorship upon completion of the nursing program.

In North Dakota, all graduates of Excelsior may endorse in with 400 hours of RN experience.

Finally, the state of Washington mandates that only LPNs with 200 hours of precepted experience set up through a Washington Nursing Commission may apply for examination. Graduates with a license in another state my endorse in to Washington with 1000 hours of practice as an RN.

Additional State Requirements

The Georgia State Board licenses Excelsior Graduates through examination as well as endorsement. If the student was an LPN and had one year of experience at a Board-approved facility prior to enrollment, he will be endorsed without further requirements; however, if he had less than one year of experience, the Board may require him to do a post-graduate preceptorship.

Louisiana requires Excelsior graduates who wish to apply for the RN examination to be LPNs or to graduate with 50% traditional nursing school clinical hours. Others must endorse in with 6 months of experience.

Maryland and Virginia have additional requirements that vary for candidates. Students are recommended to the contact the state Board of Nursing to ascertain their requirements.

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