If your Spanish class has a Smart Board, you’re fortunate (or rather, ¡tienes suerte!). Smart Board technology, which educates students through interactive lessons and hands-on activities, is great for foreign language classes and students of all ages. Using a Smart Board you and your class can explore Spanish vocabulary, play games that help you remember your verb conjugation, and create your own tools that will help you become the next best thing to a native speaker.

Design and Customize Your Own Spanish Activities with Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook is the software behind the Smart Board’s unique technology. Using the tools in Smart Notebook you can customize your own Spanish activities and presentations that you can share with your entire class. Smart Notebook includes methods for integrating videos and sounds, designing eye-catching layouts and even creating hands-on graphics and activities for your classmates. Whether you’re making a quiz to help other students remember the Spanish words for different foods or designing a presentation about the history of Spanish literature, Smart Notebook makes total customization possible and fun.

Design the perfect Spanish presentation or activity with Smart Notebook.
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Browse Spanish Language Tools at Smart Exchange

If you want some Spanish Smart Board activities that are complete and ready to use, start with the Smart Exchange Web community, which contains more than 60,000 lessons and activities designed by Smart Board users. Many of the activities on the Smart Exchange were created by students and teachers for Spanish classes, including lessons on Spanish storytelling for high school students, vocabulary review for middle school students and activities specific to Spanish pronoun usage. There’s even a Spanish “Jeopardy” game for you and your fellow students to play (links in resources). Whether you want to work on your Spanish spelling or need a hand with past and present tenses, the Smart Exchange has a variety of language-specific lessons.

Compete against your classmates in Spanish-themed activities from the Smart Exchange.
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Learn About Spanish History, Geography and Culture Via Interactive Activities

Spanish class isn’t just about learning how to say “perro” instead of “dog.” Spanish lessons also explore the geography, culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries, and for that the Smart Exchange is rich with resources. Available activity topics include Spanish Geography, the culture and history of Spain and Spanish historical figures, including a lesson on conquistadors (links in Resources). Smart Board activities on the Smart Exchange let you and your classmates experience the long and colorful history of the Spanish-speaking world in a hands-on way.

Explore the rich cultural legacy of Spanish-speaking countries with hands-on activities.
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See How Much Spanish You Know With Smart Response Quizzes

If you want to be sure that you and your classmates really understand the Spanish you’re studying, use the Smart Response system. The Smart Response XE is a small, wireless input device that allows you to type answers to quizzes directly into the unit. After each quiz is over, the software can take the submitted answers, grade them for accuracy and then immediately generate a report that shows how well the class understands the lesson and what areas need more study. The Smart Response system is a great way to get regular, rapid feedback on your Spanish progress so you can focus on the areas of Spanish with which you’re having trouble.

If you're not sure how well you know your Spanish, Smart Response can help you figure it out.
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