If you live in Kentucky and you want to pursue a career in digital animation, there’s no reason for you to leave the state. You can choose from a handful of Bluegrass State institutions of higher learning with the courses you seek. At least four accredited schools have the equipment and instructors necessary to launch you on the path toward creating computer-generated imagery and animation for a living.

University of Kentucky

You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree in studio arts with a concentration in new media at the University of Kentucky. You’ll establish a foundation with a variety of arts courses, and you need at least a C in each of them before you can proceed to your major courses. First-year students participate in a mandatory annual exhibition. You’ll complete your studies with a portfolio review. You can elect to take courses in Web design and digital video, and the course Introduction to Hardware and Software Topics in the Arts. The program is accredited through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts program in graphic design with courses in digital media and advanced computer graphics. The school also offers a Bachelor of Arts in visual studies with a graphic design track. Both degrees end with a senior capstone project. ART 243 introduces you to the concept of using computers to create art, ART 334 covers the history of computer graphics, and ART 343 introduces computer animation, along with other applications of computer graphics. The programs are accredited through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Sullivan College of Technology and Design

Sullivan College of Technology and Design in Louisville offers a graphic design bachelor’s degree program with a course in basic 3D animation. The curriculum offers a foundation in computer graphics that allows you to gradually focus on animation. The program offers small class sizes. One of its graduates went on to work for Marvel Comics. Students build up a portfolio with an eye toward presenting it to potential employers. Sullivan and its programs are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Murray State University

Murray State graphic design majors can take advantage of the department’s computer art offerings and focus on animation. The department includes more than 20 Mac computers, each with Adobe Creative Suite. The college offers a handful of fundamental computer art courses and electives in advanced Web design and Flash animation. Graduates come away with work of sufficient quality to display at a professional show. Art majors can pursue Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. The school’s art and design department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

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