Running for class office is a great exercise that can help you relate to your peers and learn a lot about politics, communication and even marketing. The key to winning a class race it to make election posters that stand out and get noticed. Use a certain font and slogan, and put it on each poster to help brand yourself. Consistency will help your campaign be more memorable.

Ask the People

It is important to relate to your voters. Many people lose interest in class elections because they don’t feel involved. Successful class posters show the class that you plan on making changes and solving problems that affect them. Conduct a class-wide poll of what issues are the most important to your voters. Create a poll online using Google Documents or another form creating software, and post it on a free blogging site, such as Wordpress or Blogger. Posters are used to advertise the blog. Be sure to put your picture and your slogan on the posters, as well as a bold web address where it can be found. Place the posters in the bathrooms, at the end of lunch lines, and even on lockers to make sure they get noticed. Consistently change posters and add new ones to keep the idea fresh and interest piqued as you conduct the poll. The week before the election, the results can be announced on the posters, along with your response and how you plan to solve each problem.

Social Media

Using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is a great way to promote your school election. Create a separate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page for your election, titled after your slogan. Ask a friend to help you film a series of YouTube videos addressing the public, themed after the issues you plan to solve. For instance, one video can address your campaign goal of providing better desserts in the lunchroom. Film a video of you making a special dessert as a how-to video, complete with the recipe for others to try. Design corresponding posters with the address of the video, a summary of what the video entails, and where to find your Facebook and Twitter pages. Hand the dessert out at school the next day, along with the flier, and post the fliers around the school. Film several different types of videos that people will want to watch. It will help them relate to you and give them a sense that you really do want to help them, which will make them want to vote for you.

Movie Quotes

Use movie quotes to get your election posters noticed. Movie quotes that can be altered to include your name, or adapted for a special issue at your school will be noticed. Take a photo of yourself dressed up as the character, and then adding the quote and your slogan. Place your favorite slogan on a T-shirt and ask a few friends to wear it in the weeks before the election. One idea is to dress up as the character Pedro from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” and write above the picture, “Vote for __,” filling in the blank with your name.

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