When seeking deceased parent scholarship information, look for organizations that honor military, first responders and workers call to duty.

Financing a college education can be challenging. Options available to students include federal programs, career-specific scholarships and academic-merit awards. For children of widowed parents, specific scholarships can help meet this financial goal. Many students who have lost family members in the military or as part of a first responder unit benefit from a deceased parent scholarship.

Higher Education Deceased Parent Scholarship

Many colleges and universities offer their own awards to attract and retain talented students. Some scholarships are general for the entire student population while others are offered on a departmental basis. Additionally, many academic institutions have programs to help the children of widowed parents. A deceased parent scholarship actually supports the academic needs for many students seeking college careers. At the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation awards the Crane Fund for Widows and Children Scholarship. Any graduate or undergraduate student who is the child of a widow whose late husband left too little financial support is eligible. As a charitable organization formed in 1914, the Crane Fund also awards scholarships to students who lost a parent or spouse. Scholarship for a child of a widow opens the opportunity to continue studying.

First Responders Scholarships

Another crucial deceased parent scholarship focuses on children who lost a parent who worked as a first responder. The Kentucky Retirement Systems provides state-mandated tuition scholarships and waivers for Kentucky residents. Honoring survivors of officers in the line of duty is more than a benefit for college students with deceased parents. An eligible program is a free-tuition waiver at state-supported colleges for dependents of a deceased police officer, firefighter or volunteer firefighter killed in the line of duty or during training exercises after July 1, 1989. Scholarship for a child of a widow such as the Kentucky Retirement System honors those who performed beyond the call of duty.

Dependents of Military Personnel Scholarships

Scholarships are available for the children of deceased U. S. military personnel. Gold Star Wives of America, Inc., organized in 1945, offers scholarship for a child of a widow and widowers of service members who died during service. The website contains a listing of resources including scholarships for dependents. Benefits for college students with deceased parents include understanding the sponsorship process and knowing volunteers care about lost ones. Another program listed is the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Scholarship Program. Established in 1970, the scholarship is awarded to the children and spouses of Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Army aircrew members who were killed in action, missing in action or killed while on a non-combat mission from August 1964 to the present.

Corporate Deceased Parent Scholarships

Some businesses provide financial resources for students through philanthropic foundations or community outreach programs. Larger corporations often post their scholarship programs on their websites. A particular deceased parent scholarship is the Kid's Chance Scholarship. The organization focuses on offering scholarships to students who have lost a parent while working. Another corporate sponsored program is the Life Happens scholarship. The non-profit organization awards $175,000 to students of deceased parents. Many of the benefits for college students with deceased parents is to not only have the opportunity to continue studying but to share your story.

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