If you have a grade point average that hovers around the 2.0 line, there are quite a few scholarships and grants available to assist you in realizing your dream of attending college. When applying for a scholarship, consider all of your strengths. These can include your extracurricular activities, community service, athletic abilities and more. There are many ways to find funds to pay for college that do not depend on your GPA.

Scholarships for Athletes With a 2.0 GPA

A scholarship sponsor is usually excited to work with students who represent the best athletics. Many athletic scholarship organizations understand that an athlete is busy and good at scheduling, which is a definite strength. A high school athlete needs to regularly attend practice, fit training into the daily activities and be on time and prepared for the games.

There are many scholarships that are available nationally as well as locally for a high school athlete who has proven to be at the top of the field. A financial aid office can assist you in finding the right scholarship. Check for city, county and state scholarships as well as those offered by the college you hope to attend. Narrow the search by researching scholarships for a 2.0 GPA.

Drama or Art Scholarships

Fellowships, grants and scholarships are in abundance for art majors. These can range from a scholarship at a highly rated school as well as art supply companies. For instance, Duck Brand duct tape offers a scholarship for the most unique prom attire made from the company’s product, and your GPA does not matter.

Unusual Scholarships

Scholarships for students with a 2.0 GPA are everywhere if you look hard enough. If you have an unusual talent, name or hobby, there is more than likely a scholarship out there for you. The annual Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest results in thousands of dollars for the winner. The National Candy Technologists Scholarship offers funds for those who can create a new candy that makes the judge’s swoon. The Asparagus Club and the National Potato Council offer scholarships annually that range in the thousands.

There are green scholarships, community service scholarships and sports-related scholarships for caddies, team managers and more. Keep your mind open and your search wide when looking to pay for your future college classes through scholarships. Consider grants, private businesses and national companies that are in alignment with the major you have chosen.

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