If you are a female who wants to pursue a degree in fire science, several scholarship options exist to help you afford tuition costs. Fighting fires is an exciting and rewarding career that save lives and protects communities. Though it's a male-dominated field, more women are joining fire departments every year and are proving they have what it takes to be successful team members. Learn about scholarship options so you can begin planning your career.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation

The International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation provides men and women with various opportunities to support their educational needs in honor of deceased firefighters. Their John M. Buckman III Award is granted each year to a man or woman who has performed volunteer services and wishes to pursue an associate or bachelor's degree in fire sciences. The winner is selected at the discretion of the IAFC Foundation Selection Committee and will pursue her degree in the memory of John M. Buckman III.

City Scholarship Programs

Most cities offer educational scholarship programs to women wishing to join the fire department. The city of Tampa, Fla., is a perfect example, as their City of Tampa Fire Scholarship Program awards up to $7,800 to help applicants of either gender afford fire science degree programs. Applicants must fill out a form that evaluates their willingness to work in any area of the city, maintain an accepted level of physical fitness, work with all kinds of people, undergo a background check and many other criteria points. Check with your local city council to discover what scholarships are available.

George D. Miller Scholarship

In order to be eligible to receive the George D. Miller Scholarship a woman (or man) must be nominated by a college or university located in the United States or Canada while pursuing a full- or part-time bachelor's or master's degree in fire service or a public administration program. One scholarship of $5,000 is awarded per year to a candidate who has completed at least one year of post-high school credits and who possesses outstanding leadership qualities. Applicants must also show concern and care for others by demonstrating volunteer work on their resume.

Emerge Scholarship

The Emerge Scholarship is open to women who wish to go back to school to earn a degree that will assist them in becoming a service to their family and their community. As a degree in fire science can lead to a career where women work as firefighters and first responders to keep their community members safe, the Emerge Scholarship would be a perfect scholarship for women to apply to. Scholarship winner can receive up to $5,000 to fund their degree program.

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