Retail Link is a data-sharing tool used by the retail industry and developed by Wal-Mart. Training is available from a variety of training providers and includes beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

Retail Link

Retail Link is a Web-based tool developed by Wal-Mart allowing their suppliers to access various point of sale data and other information for the purpose of controlling supply effectively and thereby increasing sales and profits.

Training Topics

Training topics include Retail Link navigation, scheduling and sharing reports, supply chains, setting up a homepage, creating brand groups and item groups, reporting and interpretation of data, and brand performance assessment.


There are a number of Retail Link courses available, some of which are introductory courses, some more advanced and some which train users to use Retail Link in conjunction with other popular programs. Courses typically last one day and cost between $350 and $550 (as of 2010).

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