Reflective practice has been in use in the professional world for years. It is most commonly used in teaching and higher learning but it is making inroads into the world of medicine and nursing. Reflective practice means looking at past experiences and trying to analyze how to learn from what has occurred. It is a method of self-evaluation and is a way of improving performance in professional tasks. By reflecting on how you can improve yourself you are constantly learning and growing as a professional.

Consider how well you are accomplishing your goals while you are doing your task. Reflect on how well you are meeting your objectives, what you can improve upon and how well you are being received while the process is ongoing.

Review your performance after you have completed your task. Reflect on ways you can improve your performance. Write out a self evaluation journal. Evaluate your objectives and see how well you met them. Devise methods to improve your performance for the next time you are in that situation.

Analyze the problems you had in terms of content, process and premise. In content reflection, look at the content of the problem you faced or the facts of the problem. With process reflection, analyze the steps you took to solve the problem and how effective those steps were. In premise reflection, look at the root cause of the problem and the assumptions that led to its occurrence.

Seek out the feedback of others in the form of interviews, surveys or formal evaluations. Take the feedback seriously and use that information to improve your performance for the next time you must perform your task.

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