Colleges and business schools have some variance in the qualities they seek in MBA students. However, several typical traits usually improve your chance to succeed and realize value from a master's of business administration degree. Possessing the right qualities helps ensure you'll get a good return on your educational investment.

Leadership Drive

While the jobs you can get with an MBA vary, a core purpose of this advanced business degree is to help people develop the skills to take on leadership or management roles in an organization. Someone in financial planning who aspires to become a finance manager would look to the MBA as a catalyst for such a promotion. You might also desire to lead your own business as an entrepreneur. Oftentimes, admissions departments look for leadership drive in reviewing application essays or statements of purpose for the degree.

Blend of Quantitative and Qualitative Abilities

MBA applicants must normally complete the general management aptitude test, or GMAT. This test includes quantitative and verbal assessments as well as a writing sample. The point of the test is to see whether a candidate has the right mix of analytic skills, which are critical in decision-making in business, and verbal and communication skills, which are vital in leadership and in preparing business documents. These skills sets are sometimes isolated, in that many people have strengths in one or the other. As a manager, you must think critically and communicate effectively.

Business Acumen

Interestingly, while colleges want MBA applicants with strong business acumen, you can apply and often get in with a non-business undergraduate degree. To do so, you need to effectively state your case and show your business experience and knowledge through essays, personal interviews and test scores. MBA programs cover a broad scope of business arenas, including human resources, finance, strategic planning, decision-making, international business and marketing. To succeed in such a diverse range of classes, you need to understand the basic concepts of business, management and consumerism.

Innovation and Creativity

In the highly competitive business world of 2013, top managers need creativity and innovative thinking to lead organizations. Thus, MBA programs often seek more creative candidates who desire to transform or inspire organizations to excellence. Along with the benefits you get as a creative MBA student, business colleges like to train and develop students bound for distinction in their future business activities. An entrepreneurial thinker can use an advanced business degree for self-employment or to drive a successful organization.

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