Engineers play an important role in contemporary American society and are relied on to create technical solutions by using high level mathematic theory and cutting-edge scientific information. Earning an engineering degree from an institution of higher education is time-consuming and intellectually demanding. In order to understand which engineering school offers the best degree, it’s essential to examine which schools are rated the highest and why.

California Institute of Technology

According to the "U.S. News and World Report" list of the best engineering schools in the country, the California Institute of Technology, located in Pasadena, California, is ranked No. 4. In addition to the respected and acclaimed 92 full-time faculty and staff members, students enrolled in the engineering program at the California Institute of Technology are also able to utilize the Center for the Science and Engineering of Materials and the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering, both fully equipped on-campus research centers. Only 10 miles from Los Angeles, this program, which had a doctoral student to faculty ratio of 6.1:1 in 2012, is part of one of the most respected schools in the country.

Manhattan College

Since 1893, Manhattan College has been training and preparing engineers who have had and continue to have a pivotal role in the formation and construction of New York City. The Manhattan College of Engineering offers a developed range of engineering disciplines which range from infrastructure design to environmental awareness. Manhattan College believes in a unique and hands-on approach to the world of engineering, and is fortunate to have New York City and all it’s positive attributes at its disposal.

Princeton University

Already known for its incredible reputation as a university deeply committed to providing its students with expert academic services, Princeton University has been ranked as the countries’ seventeenth best engineering program by "U.S. News and World Report." Each area of discipline, whether it’s chemical engineering or financial engineering, is focused on research. Due to the rise in technological advancement, Princeton utilizes The Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education in order to inform students how to stay technologically and entrepreneurially current in today’s rapidly changing technological environment. With 132 full-time faculty and staff, the engineering school at Princeton University offers the highest caliber master's and Ph.D. programs.

Purdue University

Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, not only has one of the top-tier engineering programs in the country, according to " U.S. News and World Report," but it has an in-state tuition of $10,332 per year. The Purdue College of Engineering offers graduate students 70 different academic programs and just over 600 research and study areas to choose from. With notable alumni like Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan, it is no surprise that this is regarded as one of the most respected and accredited schools in the nation.

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