Modern psychology takes into account a wide variety of studies from the behavioral to the biological to the neurological. The study of psychology is the study of people both as individuals (clinical psychology) and as a group (social psychology). A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts focused on English is a good start in many fields of career study. A degree in English involves developing critical thinking, writing and reasoning skills. A Bachelor's of Liberal Arts requires studies in writing, communication and literature. Communication skills are very important for aspiring psychologists

How to Go into Psychology with an English Degree

Obtain a graduate degree in your field of study. Once you have a bachelor’s in English you have developed critical thinking, reasoning and writing skills. As a graduate student, you will use all of three of these in y our studies, particularly those involving research. Psychology studies range from the clinical psychology to social psychology to forensic psychology and more. According to the American Psychological Association, if you want to work as licensed therapist, you’ll need a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, preferably in the state you plan to practice in.

Consider a degree in social work. A master’s degree and state board examination are required to become a licensed social worker in most states. As a licensed social worker, you can obtain a position as a school counselor or psychologist in most school districts.

Work with a researcher. Research psychologists focus on many areas of study. An English degree can be a good leg up with a psychological research facility and more. Working with the researchers, helping them pull studies and prepare papers can give you a definite leg up in the world of psychology.

Intern with a therapy center. Many therapy centers offer student therapists an opportunity to work with licensed psychiatrists and psychologists as an observer in both one on one sessions and group therapy sessions. After you achieve a certain amount of experience, these centers may allow you to offer counseling as well at a reduced rate to clients who understand that you are a student intern.

Volunteer with the Red Cross and other organizations. Volunteerism and working with people are important aspects of psychology and social work for that matter. By volunteering with organizations like the Red Cross and Disaster Relief, you can gain valuable experience of working with people after trauma.


Maintain an atmosphere of continuing education. Read studies and stay abreast of the most recent findings through trade periodicals such as Psychology Today.

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