Some people advocate the use of surveillance cameras in school, while others are against this practice. If you are unsure whether or not your child's school should implement this security measure, consider its pros and cons.

Surveillance cameras can help increase the security of a school campus.
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Knowing that a school campus is protected by surveillance cameras provides both students and their parents with a sense of safety and security.


Security cameras discourage outsiders from entering the campus. This is especially true when warning signs indicating the presence of cameras are displayed around the campus.


The use of surveillance cameras does not mean that schools no longer need to invest in security personnel. Cameras are only able to help stop vandalism and other disturbances that are in progress when school staff monitors the cameras.


Successful and effective operation of surveillance cameras requires continuous technical support and maintenance, which can be expensive and logistically difficult.


Depending where cameras are installed, placing surveillance cameras in a school building may be considered a form of privacy invasion


The video footage provided by surveillance cameras can provide documentation that the school can use to help settle a liability claim or to prosecute wrongdoers. Schools may not be able to access such evidence otherwise.

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