Each state or district is responsible for their own school safety policies. The U.S. Department of Education provides grants and assistance to help schools develop readiness and emergency management. Code Blue means an emergency or crisis exists at or near the school but is not an imminent danger. The Department of Education promotes Montgomery County Public School in Maryland for their use of emergency preparedness which involves a Code Blue policy.


Only designated, authorized administrators may issue a Code Blue. The administrator will alert staff and students via P.A. or other predetermined mode of communication that a Code Blue is in effect. Teachers and staff will need to account for each student and ensure direct supervision during the time of Code Blue.


Code Blue offers more flexibility than a Code Red, in that, the administrator will deem the severity of action based on the crisis or threat. Classroom instruction will continue and proceed as normal unless the administrator authorizes a classroom lock-down. Students under direct supervision outside will be permitted to remain outside in a preselected location unless otherwise directed. Classroom changes and lunches may occur on a case to case basis.


Main doors will be locked from the outside only. A staff member will be positioned at or near the main doors in the event teachers or students need to change locations. Windows may remain open for airflow if needed.


When the crisis or emergency prevents classroom instruction, dismissal will be considered by the administrator. In the event student dismissal is deemed appropriate, school officials will notify parents immediately through local media sources.

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