Musicians Institute is a contemporary music school located in Hollywood. Beginning as the Guitar Institute of Technology, or GIT, Musicians Institute eventually expanded to include multiple instruments and fields of study in the ever-growing music industry. Unlike many other music schools, Musicians Institute does not require any formal music education prior to enrollment, and most applicants are accepted and placed in classes appropriate for their skill levels.

High School

Degree programs at Musicians Institute require a high school diploma or equivalent. High school seniors can submit their diplomas after graduation. Not all high schools offer a variety of music courses, but Musicians Institute does recommend you take as many music-related classes as possible in your high school years. Consider music theory, ear training, music appreciation, band and choir if they are available to you.

College Facts and Stats about Musicians Institute

Private Lessons

Musicians Institute offers performance programs, and you will need to demonstrate proficiency on that instrument if you choose this area of study. Musicians Institute recommends private study outside of school to prepare for enrollment. Private lessons help you develop musicality, technical skills, creativity and knowledge of instrument-based technology, all of which will serve your study at Musicians Institute. In addition to private lessons, consider self-study, workshops or formal training courses.

Live Performance or Experience

In addition to proficiency on your instrument, real-world experience can boost your qualifications on your application. Playing in a band or ensemble gives you knowledge of working with a team and performing in front of audiences. Musicians Institute also offers programs in audio engineering, recording artistry, guitar craft, music business and music for film and television. If you have hands-on experience working with studio equipment, recording live instruments, building instruments or writing for media, you will look more attractive to the admissions board, and you will already have some vital skills under your belt.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

Musicians Institute will teach fundamentals, but they also want to give you more advanced techniques at a fast pace. Even if you don’t have much experience or years of practice, you can catch up if you show determination and discipline. You can contact an admissions representative to determine if you have enough skill to apply or if you should consider starting at a different degree level or program. Once you are accepted into Musicians Institute, you will be evaluated during registration to determine if you qualify for advanced placement. After this evaluation, you will be placed into classes that fit your current skill level.

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