Fifth grade aptitude tests come in several forms and are intended to measure a child's capacity for learning, not their actual knowledge. This makes aptitude tests difficult to study for. However, you can help your child prepare for a fifth grade aptitude test by discussing the purpose of the test, addressing test taking skills, studying the appropriate curriculum, encouraging your child's other interests and addressing your child's physical needs (like a good diet and plenty of rest before tests).

Learn about the test. Ask the school, a guidance counselor or your childs teacher for specific information. Find out what kind of aptitude test your child will take. Two common aptitude tests are the intelligence quotient (IQ) test and interest inventories. Schools use IQ. tests to determine which children should be in special programs such as advance placement classes, programs for the gifted and special education.

IQ tests attempt to assess a child's problem-solving ability, prior learning, memory and reasoning. Interest inventories are a different kind of test, designed to help educators determine a child's interests. They are designed to help educators create meaningful lessons for the children, and they may also address career goals. School staff my be able to provide you with a sample version of the test for your review.

Prepare for tests intellectually by not only studying the fifth grade course work, but encouraging your child to find other interests outside of school. Use your child's non-academic interests to foster academic learning. For example, a child who struggles with fifth grade science, but has a keen interest in horses can learn plenty of information about topics like biology, physics, nutrition and life science. You can also try different study techniques. According to Math And Reading Help For Kids, try turning your lessons into board games, trivia games and flashcards to break the monotony of reading and note taking.

Adding humor to your studies can lighten the stress.
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Help your child prepare for fifth grade aptitude tests emotionally. Many students find test taking stressful, says Math And Reading Help For Kids. They may find the fifth grade aptitude test especially stressful if they are concerned about being less intelligent than their peers. Or, they may be bothered by the idea that this test will determine their future career. Kids Health says that parents can help alleviate a child's stress by "noticing it out loud", and by naming the feeling a child might be experiencing, in a non-accusing way. You could say, for example "I think you might be nervous about your fifth grade aptitude test." It's important to be sympathetic and show your child that you care.

Try making a board game of the lesson.
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Focus on health. Be sure your fifth grader is getting plenty of sleep, exercises and a well balanced diet. Be sure to eat breakfast every day, and especially on the day of your aptitude test. According to the Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) eating a breakfast can improve your child's memory and grades. Children who eat breakfast are more likely to meet the daily recommendation for iron, which has been shown to affect behavior and learning.

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