The CogAT test is a cognitive abilities test that assesses students' reasoning and problem solving abilities. Results are used to predict success in school. The test measures in verbal, quantitative and nonverbal ways.

Aptitude Test

The CogAT test is given to all grades, from Kindergarten through grade 12. CogAT is an aptitude test, whereas the Iowa Test, another widely used test, is an achievement test.

Adapt to Child's Needs

The most important goal of the CogAT test is to help teachers adapt instructional goals, methods and materials to the individual needs of the student.

Measures Students

CogAT is used to measure each student's cognitive development. This is how gifted children are selected, for example. Only about half of the students who score in the top 3 percent of the Iowa Tests also score in the top 3 percent of the CogAT, meaning that CogAT identifies children who may not be identified as gifted based on academic achievement, but are gifted nonetheless.


CogAT is used to determine if students perform to their potential. If not, teachers can begin looking for reasons such as learning disabilities or poor hearing or vision.


The CogAT also measures students to see where they fall regarding age and grade norms.

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