Animal doctors are known as veterinarians. To become a practicing veterinarian, a college education and state accreditation is required. Before applying to a veterinary major, you usually have to complete preliminary pre-veterinary coursework that includes scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics. Landing a spot in vet school can be competitive since the United States has only 28 accredited programs, according to online resource Degree Directory ( Various pre-veterinary scholarships are awarded every year to pre-veterinary students who plan to become veterinarians.

University of Findlay Scholarships

The University of Findlay, located in Findlay, Ohio, offers many pre-veterinary scholarships to students. These scholarships include the Edward and Mary Crosby Scholarship, the Ferguson Farm Inc. Equestrian and Pre-Vet Scholarship, the Dr. David Steiner Equestrian and Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholarship and the Steven J. Klein ’95 Memorial Pre-Veterinary Scholarship. All Findlay pre-vet scholarships require different criteria to apply, such as class standing, extracurricular activities and year of study. Scholarship amounts range usually in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association

The Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association offers pre-veterinary scholarships to chosen applicants. To be eligible, applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be a graduate of a Nebraska High School or certified home program in the state, and be entering into their junior or senior year of college. Minimum scholarships are $500, but allocated funds will be based on the committee's decision for each applicant. The applicant deadline is March 15 every year.

South Dakota State University Scholarships

South Dakota State University offers four pre-veterinary scholarships to students: the Freeman J. Lewis Memorial Scholarship, the J. Michael Robbie scholarship, the Dr. Harry Halverson Memorial Scholarship and the Richard and Carol Dierks Scholarship. Eligibility for each scholarship ranges, but most are awarded based on strong academic performance, financial need, year of study and demonstrated interest in the subject matter. All winners are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Veterinary and Biomedical Science Department at South Dakota State.

Shigley Memorial Pre-Veterinary Scholarship

Any undergraduate who is majoring in animal bioscience at Penn State University can apply for the Shigley Memorial Pre-Veterinary Scholarship. Applicants must plan to pursue a veterinary career after graduation, and must possess a solid academic background, good class standing and a demonstrated interest in the subject matter. Also, documented financial need must be provided in each application since the committee bases part of its decision on the financial needs of each applicant.

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