When you learn a second language, such as Spanish, it can become difficult to practice speaking Spanish if nobody else around you speaks it. Although you can learn all of the Spanish vocabulary used in the language, you may never fully understand how to properly communicate unless you practice speaking Spanish in a practical way.

Spanish Speaking Countries

Visit a country where the native peoples exclusively speak Spanish, such as Spain, Mexico and numerous other countries in Central and South America. This will force you to use your Spanish-speaking skills because everyone you will encounter speaks Spanish as their primary language. When you listen to native Spanish speakers converse around you, you get a chance to hear subtle intonations and deviations in word pronunciation that you may not have heard when you just work through a Spanish language program by yourself. Don't feel nervous communicating with Spanish speakers because your Spanish might seem choppy or broken. Take a chance and try out new phrases and vocabulary with people who understand the proper usage of the language.

Immersion-Based Learning

Some Spanish classes and courses teach the language through the use of workbooks and a systematic process of learning and memorizing vocabulary, then move on to phrases and sayings. This method can teach you how to speak Spanish, but using an immersion method could help you become fluent more quickly. Try out an immersion-based Spanish class, where everyone only speaks Spanish in actual dialogue from the beginning, forcing you to communicate in a natural and organic way.

At Restaurants

If you do not have the money to take a trip to a Spanish speaking country, you can often find Spanish speakers right in your own neighborhood. Many Spanish and Mexican restaurants have native Spanish speaking owners and employees. Try practicing speaking Spanish with your restaurant hostess and waiter instead of English. This will help you get used to speaking Spanish in a functional and useful way.

At Home

If you learn Spanish along with other members in you family, organize one or two days during each week as "Spanish Day," where everyone has to speak only Spanish. When you need to talk to your family members during mealtime or while carrying out regular household duties, you will have to practice your Spanish skills because everyone else will only speak Spanish as well. This helps you and your family achieve the immersion technique to help you become fluent in Spanish more quickly.

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