The Test of English as Foreign Language exam evaluates the English language skills of nonnative speakers and is used by Universities to evaluate foreign students' applications. The TOEFL tests your skills at integrating reading, listening, speaking and writing. There are a variety of books, guides and websites that provide information and exercises to practice for the TOEFL.

Visit the ETS TOEFL website and review the testing pattern. The TOEFL tests the language skills of nonnative speakers of English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Find out what is expected of you in each of these sections. For example, the reading section will provide you with a passage and questions to test your comprehension of it. An essay you write will be used to assess your writing skills. The listening section will require you to hear a conversation or lecture and answer questions based on this. To prove your speaking skills, you will have to provide answers to questions posed to you. Understand the requirements of each section so that you know the areas on which you need to focus.

Evaluate your knowledge of English by taking the tests and quizzes on the ETS website. Check your grammar, sentence formation, and comprehension and listening skills, and identify areas where you need to improve. Record yourself speaking English, listen to the tape, comparing how you sound with native English speakers on radio, television and movies.

Set specific and realistic goals to provide direction for your test preparation. Determine actions you will take each day to improve your English skills, such as learning a new word, speaking to someone in English for 10 minutes, reading one page from English book or learning to apply one rule of grammar.

Read books and newspapers and refer to the dictionary to build up your vocabulary. Spend time listening to English radio programs and watching English movies and television shows.

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