The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, is a standardized test given to high school students to help them prepare for the SATs, and measures reading, math and writing skills. Taking the time to adequately prepare for the PSAT is important, because a good PSAT score can help you secure scholarships and entrance to good colleges.

Academic Preparation

Read. Sentence completion questions and passage-based reading questions measure your reading comprehension. Polish these important reading skills by reading difficult material, discussing it with your teacher or tutor and making sure you understand what you read.

Practice your math skills. Algebra and geometry are the two most difficult areas tested by the PSAT. You will also need to review functions, data analysis and probability to pass the test.

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Write. Correct punctuation and grammar are necessary for passing the PSAT. The test will include questions where you will need to correct sentence errors and improve sentences and paragraphs.

Test Preparation

Buy a book. Many good PSAT study guides are available at your local bookstore or library. Bring a book home and work your way through it to pass the test with ease.

Join a study group. If you like to work in groups, join or start a study group to work through your PSAT book together. Take turns quizzing each other and checking each others' work.

Take an online class. Many free PSAT preparation sites are available on the Internet. Take free practice tests online to make sure you will pass on test day.

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