Praxis II tests are subject specific and are used by many states for teacher certification. The Art Content Knowledge test is for graduates seeking certification as an art teacher. Certification to teach art largely depends on the Praxis II test score. The test covers three general content areas: traditions in art, art criticism and making art. Minimum score requirements vary by state. Check with your university or state education agency for scoring requirements. Success with the Art Content Knowledge test will require reviewing key concepts in art, taking practice tests and taking ample time to prepare.

Step 1

Set a date for your test through the Education Testing Service's website ( Use a calendar to plan your test preparation.

Step 2

Purchase a test preparation book specific to the Praxis II Art Content Knowledge test. Begin by taking a practice test from the book to assess your current knowledge and understanding of the subject. This will give you a rough idea how close you are to a passing grade.

Step 3

Devote time each day to work through the Art Content Knowledge preparation book. This book will include test taking tips, review of art terminology and techniques, as well as practice tests.

Step 4

Skim through old textbooks from art classes. Brush up on vocabulary specific to art, characteristics of the types of art and artistic movements.

Step 5

Study for each of the three content categories thoroughly. For example, you will want to review techniques and equipment used in both two and three dimensional forms of art for the third content category.

Step 6

Review major concepts in art. For example, study themes like the legacy of famous artists or architectural periods.

Step 7

Build your stamina by studying for two hours at a time so that you can concentrate to your fullest on test day. The Art Content Knowledge test takes a maximum of two hours.

Step 8

Take another practice test from your test preparation book about a week before the exam. Compare this score with your initial practice test score to measure improvement. Go over the answers carefully to learn any last minute information.

Step 9

Stay busy with pleasant activities to reduce test anxiety. Get plenty of rest the day before the exam.


Don't wait until the last minute to prepare.


Study the format of the test to familiarize yourself.


Make a practice drive to the testing center a few days before the test.

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