There are hundreds of Praxis test takers in Mathematics need to re-take the test in order to pass. Some examinees got few points away from the cut off scores. When they took the test again, the scores were getting lower. Some applicants gave up taking tests and were discouraged to pursue their chosen career with Praxis and shift to another field of specialization. Majority of the passers were either specializes mathematics or love to do math. Thus, you need learn to love math first and stay focus on the different areas.

Buy Praxis books, later or new edition. You borrow books from friends, state library or download audio books.

Carefully look for the PPST Mathematics chapter. Read its contents specially the categories: Conceptual knowledge Procedural knowledge Representations of Quantitative Information Measurement and Informal Geometry Formal Mathematical Reasoning

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Familiarize the topics, lessons or contents in each category. You need to master the concepts. Always refer to the definition when you are in doubt of the your answers or some terms. When you answer practice test exercises, always find out what makes it correct and wrong. Master those skills before going to the next level.

Set a time and day for study time. Do not cheat when you answer some exercises. If you like to have group study then organize and invite some of your friends but strictly do your work.

Do not stick to one reviewer. Any basic mathematics books that has contents related to your test, you must try to check it out.

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