Many realtors took the licensing exam more than once before they passed. Some aspiring real estate agents are still trying. Then there are those who are starting thier classes now. Here are the steps to passing on the first try.

In order to receive an Illinois License to practice Real Estate in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago, you must have successfully completed the 45-class-hour Real Estate Transactions course at a real estate school approved by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Really, the classes are needed. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can take the test without much preparation. Information in the class not only can be beneficial when testing but can also be very beneficial as an agent. Check with your local Realtor Association to find out if they offer scholarships for classes. You will find that many are just waiting for prospective realtors to apply.

Classes are offered in classroom settings as well as online. Pick the one that will suit your study habits. If you know you need hands-on explanations and assistance, take the in-person class. They are offered in fast paced accelerated courses and extended formats. However, if you are good at working and studying independently then online may work best for you. Either one you choose, take the class!

Take the class

There may be some variation in the actual text utilized by classes. However, most will supply a workbook that compliments your text. These workbooks contain valuable pre-tests and activities to practice for your exam. Don't jump ahead. Complete the workbook excersises as you progress through the material in the class. There is nothing worse than practicing with incorrect information.

Along with your class materials, you will also have access to the Exam Smart CD. THIS is the most important step in passing the licensing exam. USE THE CD. USE THE CD OFTEN.

If you feel confident that you are ready for the exam immediately after the class then schedule your test and study with the cd as you take the class. However, I highly recommend giving your self at least two weeks. Take those two weeks to take practice exams every other day up until the exam. MANY of the questions on the CD are the EXACT same questions on the exam.

Dont Cram at the Last Minute

Lastly, when you go to take your exam, relax. Your exam will be taken and scored by computer. Don't rush through the questions. Read them carefully and answer to the best of your knowledge. Eliminate the obviously wrong answers first. If you still don't know the answer take a good guess between those that are left over. The exam location will be able to give you your result and temporary license on the spot!

The Exam Smart CD is free with most classes.

There are exam prep classes available as well.


Do not try to cram all the information the night before the test.

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