If you have been doing Nclex style or HESI style questions, you would have noticed by now that sometimes it is difficult to answer these questions for one reason or the other.Here are a few tips on how to answer those questions.

First , i want to start with the questions on grief. It may be that someone passed away or the client lost something. It is always okay to let clients grieve before you give them any further information. For these questions, the nurse can leave the clients to grieve or stay with them while they grieve. The nurse may not have to say anything, all she has to do is be present and empathetic.

Another tip for answering these questions, is to never choose an option that has the word "why" in it. It is not therapeutic and makes the client defensive. It is best to always pick answers that are open ended questions.

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Remember that you always have to acknowledge the clients feelings even if the are being belligerent , loud or noisy and then follow up with other statement to explain why you are doing something a certain way or what you are doing.Picking options like 'i understand that you are feeling....'

Next,be alert for options like Tell me more about... You seem worried about... I can stay with you... I can see that you are upset... Options like this are more therapeutic and these type of answers should be the ones that you are looking for while taking the HESI exit exam.

In real life,as a real nurse, patients are going to ask you if they are going to die or if they have cancer, so HESI is probably testing to see if you can be therapeutic and in some way reduce the anxiety or improve the self concept of your clients, because they are at a vulnerable time in their lives. These are just a few tips i have for the HESI , hope they help.

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