Learning to give effective presentations to your fellow classmates and your professors is a vital part of your nursing education and good practice if you pursue master's and doctoral level studies in nursing. In these programs, defending your thesis and research work is generally mandatory. Have a hand-out prepared, highlighting key points of your presentation, and make sufficient copies for distribution among your peers and teachers.

History of Nursing

Nursing is one of the world's oldest professions. Prepare a presentation on the history of nursing and highlight landmark moments in the evolution of the profession. You can have a broad presentation, with a general overview of the profession, or focus it specifically on the history as it relates to one aspect of nursing. The role of technology, the changing role of the nurse and the evolving role of the union in public health care are all ideas for highly focused presentations.

Palliative care, also called end-of-life or hospice care, is the care provided to the terminally ill in their final stages of life. Prepare a presentation on the current issues and trends in palliative care. You can include advances in palliative chemotherapy for cancer patients, pain medication and the role of nursing professionals in delivering this highly specialized care.

Career Advancement and Professional Development in Nursing

Although new graduates of nursing schools typically work in the field, on the floors of hospitals and within the public health area, there are many other roles for professional nurses as they gain experience. Research careers, leadership roles in administration and management professions in hospitals are some of the career options for nurses. Deliver a presentation on the various types of careers towards which nurses can work as they advance their careers.

Oncology Nursing

Oncology nursing, for cancer patients, is a specialized area of nursing. Nurses have a very active role in delivering cancer care: they meet with patients and families, deliver chemotherapy and assist with quality of life issues, helping cancer patients lead the fullest lives they can. Give a presentation on the role of nurses in oncology services or the issues nurses face in delivering high-quality cancer support.

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