Online education programs have become more prolific in the past decades as the Internet has exploded in its ability to function in many different sectors and for many different purposes. No longer do people have to travel away from home, set aside jobs or other obligations, or commit to even being tied down to one specific location in order to go to school. Online education programs are available at nearly every major college and university in the United States. If you are interested in entering the Pentecostal ministry, there are also options for receiving an online education.

Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University (CLU) is an online college featuring a distance learning service that is "built around the voice of God." The distance learning program through CLU offers correspondence courses that prepare you for online degrees or a certificate in Christian counseling, theology, divinity, the Bible, youth ministry and other areas. Featuring over one hundred different courses, CLU focuses on the Lamad formula, which translates to real life issues and experiences, Biblical grounding, and the basis of revelation of the voice of God to each individual and the resulting experiences of each individual. Degrees include associate, bachelor's, master,s, and doctoral degrees, all of which can be earned through distance learning. An important note for those considering CLU is that degrees are not transferable to other colleges and universities that are accredited by the United States Department of Education.

Master's College and Seminary

Master's College and Seminary is a Pentecostal Bible College located in Canada, but servicing users all over the world. According to the Master's College website, this institution is most of all committed to training ministers and leaders for ministry settings locally and internationally. One of the unique features of the program at Master's College is that it offers a degree of flexibility that allows students to design their course studies according to their phase of life, ranging from young adults to middle-aged to those retired. Programs at the Bible college include a Christian Ministry Certificate, a Ministerial Diploma, a Bachelor of Religious Education, a Bachelor in Theology, or a Bachelor in Theology Completion. Other online certificates include those in Christian Studies and Church Leadership.


IBOLT is part of Vanguard College's online program and has many features for those who are considering distance learning. Each course is designed to have flexible start dates so that students are able to work at their own pace as long as the course is completed within four months. All courses offered through IBOLT are also accredited, and will be recognized by other accredited colleges and agencies. Those who are currently serving in the ministry will also be able to select from over fifty courses. Online degree options include four-year degrees in Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry and Youth Ministry. The college also offers a post-degree program as well as a three-year Diploma in Theology. Vanguard also offers intensive classes lasting one week that can apply toward your IBOLT program.

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