Whether you are working to earn a computer science degree or you just want to brush up on your computing skills, online computing courses are available to help you.

Types of Online Computer Classes

Some online computer classes are led in real-time by a live instructor in a virtual classroom. In other classes, students work on their own but can ask their instructor questions via email or message boards. A third type of class is tutorial-based, with no instructor interaction.


Online computer courses are flexible and convenient, ideal for students who cannot attend traditional classes. Students can often complete coursework from home on their own time.

Disadvantages of Online Computer Classes

One drawback to online computer classes is that students feel isolated and become confused about assignments. In addition, students who are not self-motivated have a hard time staying on task.

Who Uses Online Computer Classes

Professionals take online computer classes that will lead to professional advancement. Businesses use these classes to train employees. Computer novices seek to develop skills they need for work or social interaction.

Earning a Computer Degree Online

In 2006 to 2007, 66% percent of colleges offered online courses to 12.2 million students. Students seeking a computer science degree through online courses should check their school's accreditation on the U.S. Department of Education website.

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