Dance is a performing art, therefore there are very few online dance degree programs available. Much of the joy to be derived through dancing is achieved from working in a community of dancers, and your dancing improves when you attend college and get feedback from teachers who are able to see your dancing. There are online dance degrees available, but you should seriously considering pursuing at least part of your collegiate dance training in person.

Find a school. This will be difficult as very few dance programs have online dance degrees, due to the difficulty of teaching dance without face to face contact. Contact the dance departments at local colleges to see if they can lead you to an online program. You can also try to submit your proposal for an online dance degree to the department to see if they will allow you to adapt their program to be more suited to your need for online study.

Once you find a program, complete their admissions requirements. Most colleges require that you submit their application, along with your high school grades and your SAT scores. Many dance programs will have additional requirements, and may require that you submit a resume, dance photos, a video of yourself dancing or an essay. You may also be required to attend an audition for acceptance into a dance program.

If you cannot find a dance program that will allow you to fulfill all of your coursework online, you may want to look into a school that would allow you to complete your academic requirements through online courses, while attending dance classes in person. This would be a much more effective way to obtain a dance degree, as you would have the flexibility of online education, while maintaining some of the benefit of attending live, in person dance classes.

If you are unsatisfied with any of the degree programs that allow you to complete your entire dance degree online, you may want to consider why you want a college degree in dance. Very few, if any, performing jobs require a college degree. If you want to use your degree to teach, you may find that an education degree would better serve your goals.

Once you have found a program that you are satisfied with, you should complete all course requirements to the best of your ability. Once you have completed all of your degree requirements, you will be granted your degree and can pursue the career of your choice.

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