In Georgia, four major universities offer degree programs in dance. Students can choose either a major or minor in dance; the schools variously emphasize performance, teacher education or arts administration. Some programs exclusively focus on modern dance as the core art form, while at other schools, students can choose to concentrate in modern dance, ballet or jazz. Each department provides opportunities for a dance ensemble experience, which is particularly important for those considering a professional dance performance career.

Emory University

A part of the College of Arts and Sciences, Emory's departments of theater and dance have separate programs, each offering a major and minor with the opportunity for students to take classes in the other art form. The dance program focuses on modern dance and emphasis areas include performance, choreography, production, technique and theory with a study-abroad option. For those interested in arts management, the dance department works in tandem with the university's business school across both required and elective coursework.

University of Georgia

Located in Athens, Georgia, within the university's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, the dance program offers both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree, with the fine arts degree requiring a higher concentration in performance. In contrast, the B.A. degree requires more coursework in the liberal arts. Students in this program who are interested in teaching in the public schools can choose to take the school certification track.

Brenau University

In Brenau's dance department, students can choose from two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in dance focusing on performance and technique, or a Bachelor of Arts in dance education. Performance studies are based in ballet and modern with additional work in jazz, improvisation and choreography. A minor in dance is also available. All these dance programs emphasize the importance of studying the liberal arts with the goal of creating well-rounded professionals. Each year, the department also sponsors a "Day of Dance" event for high school students, offered free of charge, giving students experience with community outreach.

Kennesaw State University

Prospective students must audition to gain admittance to Kennesaw's dance program; the screening includes both performance and interview components. Students may choose either a major or minor in dance with a concentration in modern, ballet or jazz dance. The core curriculum combines the theory and practice of dance, and graduation requirements include a senior project with the objective of developing the student as both a scholar and an artist. The program also provides the opportunity for students to do an internship with a professional organization outside of the university.

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