A Master of Education or M.Ed. degree prepares graduates for professional work in the field of education. An M.Ed. program allows students to focus on a career as a teacher, administrator, researcher or counselor. The M.Ed. typically differs from other master’s programs in that students must take courses in a separate field of specialization, such as psychology or technology, in addition to their coursework in education.

Specialization Options

Specific programs offering the M.Ed. vary by university, but specializations include curriculum and instruction, educational psychology or counseling, educational leadership, instructional technology or work with particular populations, such as early childhood, adults or special needs students. Graduates with an M.Ed. may choose to teach or work as educational administrators, counselors, speech therapists or school technology experts. Outside academia, a Master of Education degree is appropriate for work in corporate training or consulting, educational policy developing for the government, textbook publishing, or presenting programs at organizations such as museums and zoos.

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