Founded in 1972, Granite State College is part of the university system of New Hampshire. The intended student population is adult, and the undergraduate and graduate programs are scheduled in flexible ways to complement the needs of the workforce. The graduate department offers courses of study in both traditional and online formats, with master's degrees in leadership, management and project management.

Master of Science in Leadership

Individuals who wish to change careers or current managers who wish to increase their qualifications are the target of the Master of Science in Leadership program. Through degree requirements, students learn to determine organizational relationships, assess ethical frameworks and increase their ability to lead people and teams. Additionally, students are given the skills to facilitate visionary exercises and invent new ways to respond to changes in organizational culture. Course requirements are fulfilled in the leadership, management, project management and communication departments.

College Facts and Stats about Granite State College

Master of Science in Management

The management degree is designed for current and aspiring managers who wish to work in a variety of fields, including commerce, education, health care, government or social services. Through the course of study, students learn to increase the capacity to lead, apply knowledge in new situations, cope with unforeseen events and take a global perspective to management issues. Course requirements are completed in the accounting, human resources, leadership, management and project management departments.

Master of Science in Project Management

Students who wish to complete a practice-oriented degree may choose to enroll in the Master of Science in Project Management, which prepares the manager for integrating complex projects, motivating people and achieving cost-effective results. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for managing projects through an entire project cycle, effectively communicating and leading teams and managing changing project environments. Additionally, the curriculum prepares the student for certification as a Project Management Professional.

Admission Requirements for Granite State Graduate Programs

Applications to graduate programs at Granite State are evaluated for academic preparation, leadership potential and commitment to the field of study. Average GPA from an undergraduate or previous graduate program is a 3.0, but GSC has no specific GPA requirement for admittance. Additionally, the application requires a statement of professional goals, two letters of reference, a resume and undergraduate transcripts.

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