A master's degree is a specialization in a specific field, such as education, business or arts. The programs vary in the number of necessary credits to graduate and while some degrees are not possible to obtain in one year due to the number of credits, there are master's programs which take only one year to complete.

Step 1

Look into specialized master's programs in the field of study, such as a master's degree in finance. Avoid generalized degrees, like an MBA which traditionally takes longer and requires more credits to graduate. Focused master's programs often require fewer credits and eliminate general classes.

Step 2

Research and select a college that offers a one year master's degree program in the field of your choice.

Step 3

Read the school's curriculum and determine the number of credits necessary to graduate. The number of credits will vary depending on the degree and the type of required classes. To get a master's degree in one year, the course should offer a degree after obtaining approximately 30 to 33 credits. If it requires 50 to 60 credits, the program will require two years.

Step 4

Take a full course schedule for each semester. A full time master's student takes 12 credit hours at most schools. Some schools will allow a maximum of 12 credits while others might allow up to 15 credits, depending on the school. Take at least 12 credits per semester.

Step 5

Take summer classes. The only way to graduate in a single year rather than a year and a half is taking summer classes. For example, if both semesters took 12 credits, there are 24 credits by summer. Taking 6 credits during summer, or two summer classes, will result in a degree if the credits required are 30. Take a third class if the degree requires 33 credits.

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