Get an Associates Degree in a year! It only takes one year to get your Associates Degree in some regionally accredited colleges. Want to find out how? Read this interesting article!

There are three methods you can use to earn an associates degree in one year. You may CLEP out of courses with CLEP tests, take overlapping courses, or drop any unnecessary elective or introductory courses.

One can take a CLEP test to skip having to take the actual course. This is done by scheduling a CLEP exam at your local college, studying and cramming your mind full of all of the course information, and going in to take the test! If you pass, you receive credit for taking the class without actually taking it!

Another way to save time and earn your Associates Degree in one year is to take overlapping courses, or double up classes. If you take two courses at a time, you may eliminate half of the time that would have been taken. If you take more than two courses at once, well let's just say you are on a roll!

Finally, the last method that will save you time and money while earning your Associates Degree in a year is dropping any unnecessary elective or introductory courses. Sometimes colleges like to pass on electives and introductory courses that are unneeded and unessential to your degree.


Make sure that the CLEP tests are paid for by your student loan or grant, so that you don't end up spending money out of your pocket to pass the class!

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