Kids can learn great things by creating and pretending. Learning about eyeglasses can teach preschoolers a hands-on lesson about eyes and vision. Give kids an idea of how eyeglasses work with a fun paper project to make their own set of specs. Once your little artists finish perfecting their paper eyeglasses, they’ll be ready to put them on and show them off to the world.

Draw an outline of the rims of eyeglasses on the card stock paper with the pencil. Make sure the glasses you draw will fit your little artist’s face. If you’ve got zero drawing ability, use an eyeglass template from a craft book or downloaded from the Internet.

Cut out the rims of the eyeglasses with the scissors. If your preschooler is a pro with scissors, he may not need your help with this, but be ready to step in, if necessary.

Set out a generous selection of art materials for your little one to get creative. Washable paint, markers, glue, glitter and sequins are just a few of the glamorous options for decorating the eyeglasses rims. Provide as much help as necessary to help your little Rembrandt create just the glasses he envisions.

Let the eyeglass frames dry completely if your little one painted or glued.

Punch a hole at the two outside edges of the eyeglass frames to attach the chenille stem temple pieces of the eyeglasses.

Cut a chenille stem in half with the scissors. Stick the end of a chenille stem piece into the punched hole and push it through about 1 inch. Twist the end of the chenille stem to attach it to the rims tightly. Do the same thing with the other chenille stem on the other side of the glasses.

Curve the ends of the chenille stem temple pieces of the glasses gently so they look like real glasses.


If the chenille stems are too long to fit over your kid's ears comfortably, trim them with a scissors and then shape them again.

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