Majoring in missionary work requires ample preparation to overcome the challenges that come with the call. The main driving force in the heart and mind of a missioner should be to go into the world, preach the gospel and recruit disciples. A missioner should be willing to live an exemplary life, be patient and persistent in order to overcome the challenges that accompany missionary work. There are several courses a student can choose while preparing to major in missionary work.

Bible Training

A good understanding of the Bible through a Bible school or seminary is a good start when majoring in missionary work. A Bible school will enable you to study every book of the Bible in detail and help you understand your call as a missioner. Though Bible school or seminary may take several years and much money through school fees and other expenses, it's a worthwhile investment for one who desires to be a missioner.


Studying one or more languages is beneficial when majoring in missionary work. Learn the language of the people to whom you desire to go to as a missioner so you can communicate the message of the gospel to them in their native tongue. It will help to open the hearts of the people to you as they better identify with you. The practice of learning one foreign language will often help you in the future to learn other languages more easily.

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Non-Religious Studies

Taking a course in a non-religious field like medicine or law is important when majoring in missionary work. There are several nations that may not grant entry to a missioner whose qualification is just in theology but will grant entry to the same missioner if he has knowledge in other non-religious fields that will be of benefit to the host nation. An understanding of a non-religious career will give you an entry point or platform to nations that are hostile to the spreading of the gospel and give you a chance to share your faith as you go about your daily work.


Personal sacrifice is a major ingredient required in the life of anyone who desires to succeed in missionary work. Over and above any courses a missioner may study, the missioner must have a heart and mind that is ready to make those sacrifices. A missionary must be willing to sacrifice that which is dear to him in order to advance the gospel of his faith. Death through martyrdom is a sacrifice some have paid while doing missionary work in foreign nations.

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