How to Locate the Closest SAT Test Center. When you are deciding when and where you will take the SAT, you will need to find the closest test center to your home. You can locate a SAT test center online. If you do not live near a test center, you can also request that the College Board allow you to test in a special location.

Determine whether you can take your SAT at your high school. Many high schools act as SAT test centers.

Contact your high-school counselor for help in finding an appropriate test center. The College Board provides information to high schools about locations. Your counselor should have a list of local test centers.

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Be aware of potential problems involving international testing. If you are testing outside of the United States, your choice of test centers may be limited. Special testing locations may not be available in India or Pakistan.

Search for test centers in your city. The College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, offers a search tool on its website (see Resources below).

Take advantage of the College Board's separate search tool for students who are looking for international SAT testing centers.

Compare where test centers are located. You may need to locate their addresses on a map in order to decide which option is closest to your home.

Decide which test center you prefer if there are multiple options in your area. In large cities, there may be many test centers available.

Request a special SAT test center if the closest test center to your home is over 75 miles away. You will have to register by mail and include a letter of explanation in order to ask for testing closer to home.

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