A wide range of colleges and universities throughout the world offer business courses. But for entrepreneurs, business-minded companies and individuals and employees of large corporations, there are also business course options offered through corporate universities. Corporate universities offer theoretical and hands-on training based on business techniques and philosophies utilized by some of the largest corporations in the world, ranging from McDonald’s to Motorola.

Hamburger University

Hamburger University, owned by McDonald’s Corporation, is located in the suburbs of Chicago, the third most populous city in the U.S. The university thus offers access to a diverse range of people and all the cultural and entertainment opportunities of a big city. Hamburger University includes a 130,000-square-feet facility and 30 resident professors. The university teaches business and food service-related courses, and the classes in restaurant management are qualified to count as college credit hours. Hamburger University has been teaching McDonald’s employees from all over the world since 1961 and offers translations in 28 different languages.

Hamburger University 2111 McDonald's Dr Oak Brook, IL 60523 1 (800) 244-6227 aboutmcdonalds.com

Trump University

Trump University is an educational company owned by famed business mogul Donald Trump, Sr. Trump University offers online courses in entrepreneurship, real estate, business management and investing. The university does not offer college credits or degrees. The educational programs include supplemental e-newsletters, one-on-one mentoring programs and courses taught by a wide range of experts, including executives from Fortune 500 companies and professors from Columbia University, Northwestern University and Dartmouth College. Trump University also offers workshops and seminars for its students across the U.S.

Trump University 40 Wall St, 32nd floor New York, NY 10005 (888) 826-5953 trumpuniversity.com

Motorola University

Motorola University offers business courses based on the Six Sigma business philosophy, created by Motorola. Six Sigma employs a business strategy based on improving quality control and minimizing variability in business processes. The university offers beginner’s level Green Belt courses as well as a Masters Black Belt certificate program, which requires completion of specific Six Sigma courses, application of Six Sigma principles to a business and completing a White Paper. Motorola University offers online courses as well as on-site training at facilities in Shaumburg, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; Basingstoke, United Kingdom; and Toronto, Canada. Motorola University courses use software that ranges from Microsoft Excel to MINITAB.

Motorola University 1303 E. Algonquin Rd, 8th Floor Schaumburg, IL 60196-1079 (800) 446-6744 Motorola.com

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