Life skills are the skills that a person must possess in order to successfully live in today's world. These include knowing how to work at a job and be part of a team, manage money, manage time, live as part of a family and learning effective communication skills. Unfortunately, many people grow to adulthood lacking necessary life skills to successfully thrive in their own lives. Therefore, life skills training for adults may become necessary.


Learning communication skills is very important in order to function well in today's society. Communication is a very important component of life skills. Teaching adults to communicate often includes how to manage anger or frustrating situations, how to communicate their own needs, and how to deal with conflict. Learning the importance of body language and also how to properly ask questions are very important communication skills.

Time Management

In order to successfully exist in society, proper time management is crucial. Time management includes learning how to deal with stressful mornings, set out your work or school items the night before, setting an alarm clock and daily reminders, and using a time-management calendar. Learning proper time management is also about learning how to make lists, plan your day and even your week ahead, and even how to say no to invitations.


Learning how to effectively work at a job is a very important life skill. Learning to communicate with co-workers and supervisors, dealing with conflict, learning how to be on-time and work as part of a team are all very important life skill components. Working at a job also may require learning how to deal with customers. Filling out paper work at a new job is also a very important life skill to acquire as is how to deposit your paycheck if it is not automatically deposited.

Managing Money

Some people live their whole lives without learning how manage their money but it is an extremely important skill to acquire. Learning how to balance a checkbook, make a bank deposit, use an ATM card, withdraw money, write out a check, pay bills, and save for retirement are very important things to know.


Making friends and having romantic relationships is an important life skill for adults. Knowing how to effectively communicate and learning about loyalty in relationships is imperative. Also, knowing what constitutes an improper relationship is very important to adults who may not have learned how to discern between good and bad relationships at a young age.

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