The President of the United States is recognized at almost any time as the most powerful person in the world. Because of the importance of the men who have held the position, they are often remembered by children throughout their school years, and held onto as popular pieces of trivia by adults beyond their school years.

Think of the major milestones and important president's that are easy to remember. These include the first, second and third presidents: George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Remember that Andrew Jackson was the seventh president and that Abraham Lincoln was number 16. Teddy Roosevelt was 26 and Franklin Roosevelt was 32.

Associate presidents with wars, including James Polk (the Mexican war), Abraham Lincoln (the Civil War), Woodrow Wilson (World War I), Franklin Roosevelt (World War II), Dwight Eisenhower (the Korean War), Lyndon Johnson (The Vietnam War), George Bush (The Gulf War) and George W. Bush (The Iraq War).

Remember the presidential deaths in office of William Henry Harrison (1841), William McKinley (1901) and John Kennedy (1963).

Associate presidents with other important events, such as Watergate, which saw Richard Nixon leave the White House to be replaced by Gerald Ford.

Remember the presidents in small groups. These can include: the first three presidents, the next three colonials (4-6), Andrew Jackson until the Civil War (7-15), Abraham Lincoln (the Civil War), Reconstruction and the presidents that followed (17-25), Teddy Roosevelt to the Great Depression (26-31), FDR through Gerald Ford (32-38) and the most recent modern presidents, starting with Jimmy Carter and going into the present (39-44).

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