Paul Revere, renowned Boston silversmith, goldsmith, illustrator, dentist, engraver and patriot during the time of the American Revolution, was married twice. His first wife was Sarah Orne and his second wife was Rachel Walker. He met and married Rachel shortly after Sarah's death.

Sarah Orne Revere

Sarah Orne was born in 1736 and married Paul Revere on August 4, 1757. The couple had eight children -- seven daughters and a son, Paul Jr., who followed his father's footsteps in the silversmithing profession. Sarah Orne Revere died in 1773, shortly after giving birth to their daughter Isannah, who died in infancy.

Rachel Walker Revere

Revere married his second wife, Rachel Walker (born 1745), months after Sarah's death. The couple had eight children -- five sons and three daughters. The Reveres named three of their sons John. The first two died young; the third lived to adulthood, attended Harvard and became a physician. During the Revolution, Rachel Walker Revere held down the homestead and sent provisions to her husband while he was away serving the American cause. On several occasions, she had to bribe British officials to ensure the Revere family's safety. She left Boston while it was still occupied by the British, reluctantly leaving 15-year-old stepson Paul Jr. behind to manage the family's silversmithing business. Rachel died in 1813, two years into the couple's retirement and before her husband's death in 1818.

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