Building your vocabulary can benefit you in school, career and relationships. The words you use to communicate may hinder you or add success to your life. Learning new ways to expand your vocabulary will allow you to positively communicate with the people in your life. Your new vocabulary may also help you communicate with people that you have not been able to in the past. Increasing your vocabulary requires daily discipline and a desire to learn, according to the Johnson O'Conner Research Foundation.

Write in a notebook. Frankfurt International School suggests writing new vocabulary words in a notebook to help memorize them. If you write the words and definitions several times in a notebook, this will help you learn the definitions. You can also refer to the notebook later.

Make index cards. Write the word on the front and definition on the back and practice with the new words. Practice with a friend or family member. suggests using index cards to make learning the vocabulary more fun.

Read. The Johnson O'Conner Research Foundation states that reading will help increase your knowledge of words. Read magazines, newspapers and books and pay attention to how and when words are used.

Outline a dictionary. Find words you do not know in the dictionary and circle them. When you concentrate on those words, you will begin to memorize the definition. Every time you open the dictionary you can review the circled words.

Draw pictures. Some people need to use pictures to learn new words, according to the Frankfurt International School. Creating a picture to help learn the word will allow you to associate the drawing with the new vocabulary. Then when the word comes to mind, you will see the picture in your mind.

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