Voice-to-print match is a technique used to teach people how to read and to gauge their comprehension of learning through this technique. It is used in kindergartens, first grade classes and even as a pre-kindergarten learning tool.


Tracking is a common term for the process of pointing at words as they are said. As you read the book out loud, point to the words on the page as you read them. This tracks the words, and the child you teach will follow the words with her eyes as you read. She can also track with her own fingers besides following you.

Voice-to-print learning

The process of tracking word on a page as she hears them can teach the child to recognize the words on the page. The sound becomes associated with the shape of the letters. With practice, she can learn the sounds that make up the words, as well.


The child who learns by voice-to-print will come to recognize the shapes of the words and letters. To gauge comprehension, you can ask her to point out a word on the page. She will recognize the sound and be able to match it to the correct word.

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