Education is a process that is never truly complete, and making a continual effort to expand your vocabulary as you grow older is one way of keeping the mind active. Not only can learning a new word each day help to ensure that you always know the word to best express your feelings, but maintaining an active mind may help prevent or delay the onset of mental decline as you age, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Learning a new English word each day can enrich your life, and there are several resources available.

Open a dictionary at the beginning of each day. Turn the dictionary to a random page and place your finger on a word. If you already know the word, continue this process until you find a word that you do not know. Learn the word and its definition, and commit to using the word in a sentence several times that day to incorporate it into your regular vocabulary.

Browse to a reference website with a "Word of the Day" feature each day., Merriam-Webster Online and OneLook are three online dictionaries with this feature. Depending on the website, the word of the day may be picked randomly, or it might be based on what other people are searching.

Subscribe to an email list that sends subscribers a new word every day. Three services with a "word of the day" email subscription feature are, and

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