German is the official language of several countries, including Germany and Austria. Over 100 million people worldwide speak German. If you would like to learn German at home or on the go, you may decide to study the language using audio books, voice recordings of a book. Some German audio books are recorded by the book's author while others are simply recorded by a native speaker. One of the primary benefits of studying with audio books is that you will constantly be surrounded by the language, which will cause your listening and speaking capabilities to flourish.

Select an audio book to listen to. You may choose a German language learning audio book, or when you become more comfortable with the language, you may decide to listen to one of your favorite novels in German. German audio books are available at libraries and some bookstores, and many language learning websites also offer German audio books in MP3 format for download.

Listen to the audio book. Play only one track at a time and listen intently while it plays. Write down any words or phrases you don't understand so you can review those words later. Listen carefully for words or phrases that are familiar to you and answer any questions the audio book's narrator may ask. For example, some audio books offer a brief lesson followed by a question-and-answer session. Try to answer the questions posed using the German words and phrases you have just used. If you find it difficult to answer the end-of-chapter review questions, simply listen to that portion of the audio book again until you are more comfortable with the material.

Repeat words as they are spoken on your audio book. German learning audio books usually speak key words and new vocabulary slowly so you can understand the exact pronunciation. Speak along with the narrator to practice the new word.

Review any words you wrote down that you have difficulty understanding. Look up those words in a German dictionary and study the definition so you will be familiar with the word the next time you hear it.

Write down frequently used words and phrases on index cards to review when you are not listening to your audio book. Try to memorize popular words and phrases and then, when you listen to your German audio book, you will be able to understand even more than you did previously.

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