The only way to learn the 50 states of the United States of America on a map is to practice. You will need to memorize the state names and their locations on a map, but there are methods to make the process fun and engaging. Make up games such as geography Twister. Call a state and a body part that the player has to place on the correct location on the map. Be creative, consistent and open minded to new ways of learning, and you'll quickly remember where the states belong on a map.

Play online games at sites such as Scholastic, I Like to Learn and Addicting Games. Depending on the game, you will drag and drop labeled states on a blank map; if it is even slightly off its geographical location, the game will highlight the proper location in red. Another game requires players to match state shapes to outlines on a map. Once in the correct location, the state's name will appear along with its motto. Such as Texas, "The Lone Star State."

Play games and sing songs. For example, play bingo by placing the states that are called back on the map. Or sing the "50 States" song while putting the pieces of a U.S. map back together. Print maps of the United States at websites such as Education Place, 50 states and World Atlas.

Practice writing state names that correspond to a numbered, blank state. Print a blank map and number every state. Number a separate piece of paper to 50. Set a timer to 5 minutes, and write as many state names as you can; the state names must match the numbered map. Practice this procedure on a daily basis, and the state names will become ingrained in your mind.

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