Janitors are responsible for cleaning up standard dirt and biological and chemical waste. They generally work in commercial, private, governmental and public facilities. You need proper training to become a janitor, including how to safely collect and dispose of material. Classes are offered by public and private organizations. Contact the training programs for class availability, fees and tuition.

Dawnchem Custodial College

The Dawnchem Custodial College, located in Willowick, Ohio, offers a two-day janitor training program that teaches you how to clean carpets and control odors. You also learn how to take care of hardwood floors, including how to buff, scrub and seal them. Teachers show you how to safely mix and dilute chemicals, and how to take care of washrooms, including showers and bathrooms. You also receive hands-on practice in cleaning an office. This program is offered every other month throughout the year.

Greater Sacramento Urban League

The Greater Sacramento Urban League, located in Sacramento, offers an eight-week custodial training program. It teaches you the proper way to work with chemicals and clean office buildings. You learn how to scrub and polish different services and how to clean hard floors. You learn how to dilute and mix chemicals and how to kill germs with these chemicals. You also learn how to clean carpets, including removing stains and control incoming soil. You receive instruction on how to properly clean restrooms and showers, including disinfection procedures.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School

The Emily Griffith Opportunity School, located in Denver, offers classes mainly for working professionals. You can take their facility maintenance and custodial training program either on a full-time or part-time basis. You can complete it in six weeks if attending full time, 13 weeks if you are a part-time student. You will learn janitorial skills in a real work building, and you’ll learn how to properly use and dispose of chemicals. You’ll also learn about Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and how to use material safety data sheets.

Cleaning Management Institute

The Cleaning Management Institute, located in Latham, New York, offers a custodial supervisor certification course besides a custodial technician training program. The supervisor certification course provides students with the skills to lead other janitors and staff. It is a long-distance course divided into three sections, each covering a particular area of supervising and managing custodial maintenance work. You will receive a certificate when you complete your coursework. You must take part in exams, including essays and multiple-choice exams. Each course has it own comprehensive exam, and then you take a final exam on everything that you have learned.

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