HTML, or hypertext markup language, is the predominant language for web programs and web pages. HTML is the building block upon which most websites are built. High school students can improve their programming skills by doing specific projects that give them practical experience and include friendly competition.

Mock Website

Have the students split into groups of four or five and assign them to choose a product or service for which to build a web page. Once they pick their product, have them work as a group to make a mock-website for that product. Once all projects are turned in, allow all the other groups in the class visit each website and vote on which one is best. This will give the project a competitive edge, thus making it more fun.

Personal Website Design

Have each individual student make a personal website about themselves to best depict their likes, dislikes and general personality. Once all of them are created, have the other members of the class go to each website and read through them. Not only is this an educational HTML project, but it also helps you and the other students in the class get to know other members of the class that might normally be quiet or unsocial.

Duplicate a Website

Have each student pick a local or simple website and attempt to replicate it in HTML format on a Word document. Make sure that you do not allow the student to choose websites that are super complex like Facebook or Pandora. The pages that they use should be local news sites or company web pages. Then compare the duplicate of the web page with the original to determine the grade of the project.

Website for the Class

Have the students come up with a website design for the class that you are in using HTML format. This can be a fun contest to see who can come up with the best design for the class while teaching the kids the intricacies of HTML format. Have the entire class vote on the winner to make the project a little more competitive and keep it fun.

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