Lessons for high school students that tap their imagination help students to look at learning activities differently and learn new ways of problem solving. Creative high school project ideas can easily be incorporated into lesson plans to boost self-esteem and encourage students to make healthy decisions. High school students benefit from activities that include interacting as a group, which promotes social skills and how to work productively with others.

Presentation Ideas for School

The best creative ideas for high school lessons intentionally immerse students in the learning process. Students learn best through experimentation and hands on activities. Most any subject can potentially pique student interest if presented in a unique and unexpected way, such as role playing historical characters when studying the Suffrage Movement. Challenge students to come up with their own project presentation ideas to demonstrate what they are discovering in readings, research and discussion.

Write a Story Together

Write a group story with high school students. Discuss how stories have characters, plot and action. A story ends with a resolution or final action. Assign each student a part of the story. One student can be in charge of the introduction, another an action and other students can be in charge of creating characters. Select another student to write the ending to the story and another to write the conflict the characters encounter. Allow the students to work on their assigned areas of the story, then share what they have written. Work together as a class to combine the information into a complete story.

Create Digital Self-Portraits

Use digital cameras to create self-portraits with high school students. Discuss how photography is an art form and how composition is an important part of taking a good picture. Create tension through a photograph by avoiding centering the main subject. A self-portrait is a way to express yourself through art. Have students use digital cameras to take pictures of themselves. Encourage students to think of unique ways to express themselves through their photographs other than looking straight into the camera and smiling. Print out self-portraits and display around the classroom for others to see.

Experiment with Surrealistic Juxtaposition

Unique project presentation ideas can explore the concept of surreal art. Create a surrealistic juxtaposition project by using old magazines, scissors and glue. Discuss how surrealism is an art movement that encourages visual imagery and creative combinations within artwork. Some famous surrealistic artists include Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. Look at artwork by Dali and Magritte with students. Have students look through old magazines and select a picture to use as the background for their surrealistic artwork. Glue the background on a piece of white paper. Have students cut out additional images from magazines and glue into the picture. Encourage students to create an image that draws the viewer’s attention and make the viewer take a closer look at their artwork.

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